Wisdom Hackers Workshop: Developing Urban Seeker Technologies
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At Wisdom Hackers, we are exploring what a learning community outside of traditional structures can be. A world where wisdom isn’t marginalized, but where spirited inquiry into life’s meta-questions is actively encouraged. How do we build out and refresh seeker technologies from ancient times and alternative cultures and “refresh” them and incorporate them into urban life? How do we build out urban infrastructure that allows us to learn and probe into burning questions outside of traditional educational environments (e.g., churches, schools, jobs). In this interactive lab, we’ll explore some of the barriers to a seeker identity in modern urban life and generate solutions for building out more supportive mechanisms for wisdom acquisition.

Alexa Clay a writer, economic historian and culture hacker. She is the author The Misfit Economy, a book that explores what business can learn from underground and “deviant” innovation.

Maricarmen Sierra is an experience designer, strategist and multidisciplinary mind-body artist born in Mexico City and currently living in San Francisco.