We’re looking for Workshop, Lab and Hack proposals for Learn Do Share NYC. Everyone is welcome to submit a proposal. A certain number of slots will be reserved for students, faculty and alumni of the New School.

Individuals and / or teams are welcome to submit. The structure is flexible but the proposals should relate directly to our core theme of DIY Urbanism.

Join us as we explore how local communities are embracing diy culture to change their neighborhoods. Every year hundreds of grassroots projects are initiated in an effort to reimagine and re-create the city. From transportation to health to education to disaster preparedness, citizens are rolling up their sleeves and coming together to design the world around them. At Learn Do Share NYC we’ll explore how collaborative action, design thinking, storytelling, play and technology can be used as tools for civic engagement and social good.

So if it relates to education, design, health, sustainability, policy, or any other topics that directly relate to the shaping of an urban environment by its inhabitants is of interest.

DEADLINE materials are due by May 12th at 5pm EST.

If selected what type of time commitment is expected? What type of work is required?

This is up to the individual or the team. If selected you’ll be required to…

– prep your own materials and share them with the Learn Do Share team by May 10th
– answer a tech request form so we understand on the day your need for projection, internet, A/V needs
– if you are part of a team you need to self organize and prepare on your own prior to the event
– to check in with the LEARN DO SHARE team at least two times prior to the event.
– you and / or your team agrees to attend the event at the scheduled times agreed to

To see examples of previous workshops click here for last year’s program.

If you have questions or need additional info please contact us.

Please complete the following form.

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